Yamaha GC-15D

  • Year: 1973
  • Scale: 660/52 mm
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Back and sides: Solid Brazilian rosewood (with CITES)
  • Condition: B+
  • Price: 1800 Euro

This top of the line Yamaha GC-15D, built and signed by master luthier Toshio Kato, is a traditional guitar with solid spruce top and solid straight grain Brazilian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. A warm and quite bold Spanish sounding guitar with great clarity, separation and projection. A certain magic can be felt just by plucking a few strings. This instrument has some kind of coziness, something you recognize and feel comfortable with when you play it. A very inspiring and historically interesting guitar to say the least. Action is set to 3,8 mm on the bass side and 3,2 mm on the treble, with no room to lower. Expect to pay 5-10 more to get a new guitar with equal specs today. No cracks or repairs. An original hard case is included in the price.

Yamaha’s Grand Concert line are highly regarded concert instruments. In 1971-1973 the lineup included GC-3D, GC-6D, GC-8D, GC-10D, all with solid Spruce top and solid Indian Rosewood back and sides. The top models at the time was GC-12D, GC-15D and GC-20D with solid Spruce top and solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.