Teruaki Nakade

  • År: 1976
  • Mensur: 655/52 mm
  • Lock: Solid Gran
  • Sidor/Bakstycke: Solid Indisk Rosewood
  • Skick: A
  • Pris: 20.000 kr

An easy playing Teruaki Nakade C15 from 1976 in wonderful condition, no cracks or repairs. Teruaki Nakade, the oldest son of Sakazo Nakade, has been building guitars under his own name since at least the beginning of the sixties. This is a prime example with a honey colored French polished solid spruce top, with solid Indian rosewood back and sides and ebony fretboard. Scale is 655/52 mm. C-15 means that the guitar cost 150.000 Yen at the time. The sound is focused and clear with great sustain and volume. The tone is quite thick with a woody midrange like the old Spanish guitars, still warm and sweet with nice projection. Action is surprisingly low at 3 mm on the bass and 2.5 mm on the treble side, 12th fret. Yet it plays perfectly without any buzzing, unless you hit it hard. The 39″ tuners are original and work very well. All in all a very charming instrument and again a reminder of the fine instruments built by the famous Nakade dynasty. Highly recommended.