Masaru Kohno Professional-J

  • Year: 1993
  • Scale: 650/52 mm
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back and sides: Madagascar rosewood
  • Condition: A
  • Price: 3500 Euro

This signed Masaru Kohno Professional-J from 1993 has a glowing solid spruce top and beautiful looking Madagascar back and sides. The sound is (typically of late Masaru Kohno) very even and at the same time quite clear and resonant, with good volume and easy playability. Still it has a warm, woody and earthy tone quality that is very pleasant to the ears. It actually sounds a lot older than it is. Further, the guitar has great overtones, long sustain and quick response. The characteristic double-ebony reinforced neck makes this a very stable instrument and the build quality and attention to details is excellent – this guitar is built to last a lifetime and beyond. The action is set to around 3.6 mm on the bass side and 2.6 mm on the treble. It’s extremely easy on the hands. No cracks or past repairs and the overall condition is excellent. A vintage hard case is included in the price

Masaru Kohno (1926-1998) is without a doubt the most famous Japanese builder of classical guitars. His career began in the 50’s and reached its peak in 1967 when he won the prestigious gold medal in the Liege Concours National de Guitares out of 31 entrants, among them Daniel Frederich. Masaru Kohno continued to work until his passing in 1998, when the workshop was taken over by his nephew Masaki Sakurai.

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