Kolya Panhuyzen (ex Zoran Dukić)

  • År: 1993
  • Mensur: 650/52 mm
  • Lock: Solid Gran
  • Sidor/Bakstycke: Solid Indisk Rosewood
  • Skick: A
  • Pris: På förfrågan

A wonderful Kolya Panhuyzen owned and played by the world famous guitar virtuous Zoran Dukić during the years 1993-1997. Between 1990-1997 Dukić won more competitions than any other guitarist, playing this very guitar. Zoran also recorded the two albums Printemps de la Guitare 94 (1994) and Tárrega, Antonio José, Bach, Takemitsu (1996). This guitar currently gets new frets and new French polish. In stock september 2020. More info soon to come.