Karl-Heinz Roemmich

  • År: 2013
  • Mensur: 650/52 mm
  • Lock: Solid Gran
  • Sidor/Bakstycke: Solid Indisk Rosewood
  • Skick: A
  • Pris: På förfrågan

A truly wonderful guitar in excellent condition made by master luthier Karl-Heinz Roemmich. Built to the highest standard this guitar has a lovely warm, intimate and soothing sound thanks to the low the body resonance between E and F, with very deep basses and the most creamy trebles. This guitar never sounds harsh or piercing. French polish finish. The neck shape is very comfortable and the action is set just below 4 and 3 mm at 12th fret. Original modern Fustero tuners. Roemmich guitars are entirely dedicated to the Spanish tradition and only the best materials and woods that have been stored for over 40 years are used. Simply put this instrument has it all: beautiful woods and decorations, beautiful sound and great playability.

Read more: http://www.roemmich-guitars.com

Many world class guitarists ordered guitars from Karl-Heinz Roemmich, such as: Tomo Arai, Artyom Dervoed, Admir Doci, Duo Paradiso, Marcin Dylla, Jószef Eötvös, Jörg Falk, Shin-Ichi Fukuda, Waldemar Gromolak, Alina Gruszka, Martin Hegel, Anna & Jan Hron, Hans-Werner Huppertz, Leon Koudelak, Łukasz Kuropaczewski, Thu Le, Gen Matsuda, Noriyuki Masuda, Marek Nosal, Reinhard Mey, Pia Gazarek-Offermann, Thomas Offermann, Apostolos Paraskevas, Tadashi Sasaki, Daniel Schatz, Andre Simao, Pavel Steidl, Marko Topchii, Joseph Urshalmi, Roman Viazovskiy, Alieksey Vianna, Jens Wagner, Ian Watt, Xue Fei Yang and Tomasz Zawierucha.