Ikkoh Kawada

  • År: 1975
  • Mensur: 650/52 mm
  • Lock: Solid Gran
  • Sidor/Bakstycke: Solid Indisk Rosewood
  • Skick: A
  • Pris: På förfrågan

To begin with… This Ikkoh Kawada has an exceptional spruce top with distinct bear-claw figuring and wonderful solid Indian rosewood back and sides, combined with a pitch black ebony fingerboard. The guitar is in original mint condition pared with high quality Rubner tuners with real mother of pearl, worth over 400 Euro. The scale is 650/52 mm and the neck shape is on the thick side, but not overly so. It’s a lightly built guitar weighting in at 1,4 kg or so, meaning that it was most likely made for the domestic market. Traditional fan bracing, 7 bars.

The air resonance is around F# givning the guitar a deep rounded sound. The bass response is very quick and the trebles are sweet, yet clear. Even though the guitar is pretty loud it’s not boomy or boxy sounding at all, quite the opposite actually. The sound is very pleasing to the ears, with a nice openness and separation to it. An airy and breathy quality so to speak. In lack of better words. No short or dead notes. I use La Bella 2001 medium tension by the way.

This Ikkoh Kawada compares very well to all Kohno’s and Sakurai’s I’ve ever played, past and present.  Or put it this way: Say you are looking for a Ramirez 1A, or maybe a double top or a lattice, then you would be utterly disappointed with this one. But if you on the other hand want a Hauser style guitar, you would most likely be very pleased.