Harald Petersen Concert C1

  • År: 1969
  • Mensur: 660/52 mm
  • Lock: Solid Ceder
  • Sidor/Bakstycke: Solid Brasiliansk Rosewood (CITES)
  • Skick: B+
  • Pris: 23.000 kr

Harald Petersen ( 22 March 1910 – 3 May 1969 ) was an internationally known Danish luthier, building very fine classical guitars. There came a great time in his career when he came in contact with Len Williams, who owned “Spanish Guitar Centre” in London. Len was the father of the famous English classical guitarist John William, who also played a memorial concert for Harald Petersen. Harald built guitars for Len during the 50s and later during the 60s under his own label. Harald Petersen did three models called A, B and C where model C (or the very rare C1) was the finest. The difference consisted in the choice of materials and details. After Harald Petersen’s death in 1969 his two son Tom and Peter took over the shop until they closed it in 1985. The sons then changed the label from “Harald Petersen” to “Petersen” .

Rare top model. One of the last, if not THE last, guitar ever built by Harald Petersen. Quite light in construction with a mature and robust tone, yet responsive and clear. Well balanced between bass, midrange and treble with good projection. The sound really reminds me of a good old Fleta. A wonderful solid cedar top and solid straight grain Brazilian rosewood. Easy playability up and down the neck with great intonation. Action set to 4 mm and 3 mm at 12th fret. Don’t let the 660 mm scale put you off, this guitar feels super easy on the hands, more so than many 650 mm scale guitars. New frets and unbleached bone saddles since 2020. When I bought this guitar the frets was really worn down, among other small things, and a lot of work and has been made to make this guitar feel like new again. No cracks. No cracks. Fantastic condition for more than 50 year old guitar. Original Fustero tuners. The guitar comes with CITES, original paperwork and original hard case.