Hans van Löben Sels (ex Eric Lammers)

  • Year: 1991
  • Scale: 650/52 mm
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Back and sides: Solid Indian rosewood
  • Condition: B
  • Price: 3500 Euro

This particular guitar, built by dutch master luthier Hans van Löben Sels, was owned and played by Swedish professional guitarist Eric Lammers during the 90s. It has a solid spruce top with wooden lattice bracing, givning the guitar a traditional sound with the benefits of lattice. Characteristics for this instrument is plenty of volume and projection with a quick punchy attack and long sustain and a great fullness in the bass, midrange and trebles. A very even sounding guitar up and down the neck. The construction is rather light with a thin top paired with excellent quality Indian rosewood and a dark ebony fingerboard. Action is set to standard 4 mm on the bass side and 3 mm on the treble at 12th fret and excellent playability thanks to a nicely shaped neck. The overall condition is great, but you could still see traces of a small repair on the lower side of the top, professionally taken care of. High-end Scheller tuners with Snakewood knobs and ball-bearings.

Hans van Löben Sels opened his workshop in Amersfoort in 1986 and has sold instruments to guitarists all over the world. All instruments are entirely made by hand, one or two at a time, from the best materials to be found, with all the attention a fine instrument needs. Hans is now retired.