Daniel Lesueur

  • År: 1978
  • Mensur: 650/52 mm
  • Lock: Solid Ceder
  • Sidor/Bakstycke: Solid Indisk Rosewood
  • Skick: B+
  • Pris: 21.600 kr (tidigare 27.000 kr)

This particular guitar is quite loud and dynamic with a rich, powerful and resonant tone. The basses are deep, focused/clear and the trebles well rounded. A fun guitar to play and “dig into”. It likes to be abused and its not a lightly built guitar. New high-end tuners from Alessi with real MOP and self-aligning bearing bushes (500 Euro). New French polish and frets since 2019 (600 Euro).

The condition is great and what appears to be cracks on each side of the bridge is nothing but dirt from the old lacquer. The former owner did however put two small patches underneath just to be on the safe side.

French luthier Daniel Lesueur was mostly famous in the 1980’s. Some people believe that his guitars could challenge those of Daniel Friederich, from whom Lesueur learned his craft. Of this, I’m not sure. However, as Lesueur tells it, they knew each other as cabinet makers in Paris before they started making guitars. At the age of 39 Lesueur became Friederich apprentice. Later Daniel Lesueur won many national and international guitar making competitions and attracted the attention of many top virtuosos such as Toninho Ramos, Celco Machado, Mitsutoshi Tanaka and Alvaro Pieri.